The best kitchen renovation’s West Palm Beach can offer is at your service to bring you stunning designs and ideas at quality prices. Hi all, we’re back with some more ideas and tips to liven your kitchen. Here are three of the current trends we believe will be seen in 2019 that you should keep your eyes on if you’re considering a kitchen renovation in West Palm Beach this year!

Smart Tech in the Kitchen

For all ideas involving kitchen renovation West Palm Beach residents have moving forward, spending a bit extra on the technology in it may be a good idea. From lighting to faucets, the technological revolution continues to infect every part of our homes and in a good way. From our observations, jumping aboard now will save many a client time and money as in future, we’re sure these somewhat niche pieces of tech are sure to go up in price and installation costs, so act fast!

Ceramic tiling is coming in fast

While many kitchen renovations in West Palm Beach still keep hardwood flooring, ceramic tiling is gaining popularity and gaining it fast. Due to this, we’ve got some amazing floor and wall tiling ideas for any kitchen renovation West Palm Beach that residents may interested in. Due to boosts in technology, ceramic tiles come in a wide variety of styles and designs with some ironically designed to appear as hardwood flooring. As a user of both, we’re always happy to recommend tiling as an easier to maintain and longer lasting floor idea when compared to wooden flooring.

Darker colors are in

Darker colors are finally in and white is on the decline! Interested in kitchen renovation West Palm Beach residents? Take our advice as professionals and invest in darker colors and designs over white. Bringing a more sophisticated taste and refinement to your home, dark cabinets seem to be becoming the hot new commodity in professionally designed homes and kitchens. As the best kitchen renovation company in West Palm Beach, we offer our clients this option as the first choice for all our new remodelling projects.


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