Sometimes were wasteful with our Palm Beach kitchen. Personally, I am guilty of this. When I remodeled my kitchen. I tore out everything from the door to my kitchen sink, with a bill that made me cringe. Don’t make the mistakes I did, and consider your budget when planning your remodeling. Here are some great additions and changes that can be made that isn’t too costly for you to consider.


Partial wall tiling

Along the wall near your counters and under your hanging cabinets, consider doing a partial tiling. Nothing overly fancy, maybe a few clays or ceramic patterned tiles to give the space a more artistic feel. Not only does it help give life to your kitchen, but it also makes for a great backdrop.


Don’t replace everything

Unless you’ve got cash to burn, be careful what you replace. There are numerous ‘miracle’ complete redos on kitchens, but this isn’t always a good idea. Replace the cabinets, repaint and have the floors done. Maybe you can leave the floors and just add some decorations for the added flair? Maybe even just focus on your walls and completely decorate them around your older additions. Whatever you want, be considerate of how much your Palm Beach kitchen should be redone.


Don’t go over your budget

Like the above, remodeling your Palm Beach kitchen should be planned and budget. Don’t break your pocket in one sitting if you can’t afford everything, take your time with it. Can’t afford the cabinets? Focus on the flooring or walls and come back later. Construction is done in stages, your kitchen remodeling and additions should be too if you can’t afford it once off.


Palm Beach kitchen is yours

Seen a fancy design online and want it? Your friend told you that design you love is too tacky? Just remember, this home is yours and no one else can decide it. Express yourself, go crazy with how you want it. We’re just the workers, you say and we do. Plan and design your dream kitchen, we’ll bring it to life.


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