The kitchen of your Boynton Beach home is the heart of your house. A place where your family and friends can share a meal, share snacks on a plate, or just talk over a cup of coffee at the table. We have turned outdated kitchens in Kitchen Remodeling Boynton Beach into tasteful masterpieces. Perfect for your style–be it new, traditional, trendy or a combination of styles–for over 70 years.

We will create a place for you and your friends to enjoy for years to come!

The first stage in any kitchen renovation project is a design phase in which a skilled architect works with the house owner to design his kitchen space to meet the home owner’s goals.

Your remodeling contractor will work to:

A. Defining actions: The design team will visit your home and document accurate measurements of today’s kitchen space to create future space plans. Being renovators in NYC kitchens for many years, we know many of our customers well about the small kitchen spaces. We are proud of our experience in small kitchen remodels and our ability to optimize every inch and make your small kitchen look bigger.

B. Mockups: You will see a full mockup rendering from where we propose to place every piece of kitchen design, from the cabinet to the lighting and beyond. Here we will work with you to discuss what your project consultant recommends and make any changes you need.

C. Budgeting: We will work with you to measure the kitchen remodeling costs associated with the planned mockups and make any necessary changes to maintain the budget you want. Kitchen Remodeling Boynton Beach is more streamlined than it can be in other design firms. Since we are a full-service kitchen and bathroom design company, we work with one individual team for the entire project. This ensures that the project manager coordinates and controls all costs.

D. Esthetics: Coordinated esthetics are essential to the design of a kitchen. Display a wide range of construction images for ideas. We will work with you to fit your final finishes with your new cabinet, countertops, lighting, furniture, backsplash and other design features.

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